AFC South Preview/Predictions

Luck and Watt
Win Loss Tie
Colts 10 6 0
Texans 9 7 0
Titans 3 13 0
Jaguars 1 15 0

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are clearly the class of this division. Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano has his team moving in the right direction. The offensive line is not the greatest but then again it doesn’t have to be when you have one of the NFL’s top QBs and two Pro Bowl wide receivers in T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson. Expect Johnson to have a comeback season because he is not done at all. Last season his reduced numbers were due to the terrible QBs throwing to him until the last two games when now St. Louis Rams QB Case Keenum threw to him early and often to end his season with two big games. Andrew Luck is just what Johnson needs and he has a lot he wants to prove, especially to the division rival that gave up on him.

Houston Texans 

The Texans are going to finish second in this division solely on the back of the NFL’s best player, J.J. Watt. Unfortunately they seem to have one of if not the worst front office/ coaching combinations in the NFL. For starters when you are the youngest franchise in the NFL you don’t give your only sure-fire Hall of Famer a reason to leave. Andre Johnson was the Houston Texans, he devoted his career to them and planned to retire and go into the Hall as a Texan. But if you insist on being bone-headed enough to get rid of the best Texan of all time, all they had to do was discuss it with him sooner and come to an agreement to trade him to a team of his choice, getting value back in return. Instead they let him go for nothing to a division rival that the Texans have not beaten since October 2, 2011. And they won’t beat the Colts this year either, especially with Johnson looking for revenge. Secondly, you have the greatest college QB of all time in Case Keenum who starts eight games for a bad team in 2013, you send him to the Rams in 2014 and then call on him to win you the final two games of the season. Then you trade him back to the Rams to bring in Brian Hoyer? Don’t look for Head Coach Bill O’Brien to last long as he keeps bringing in bad washed-up QBs and sending the young talent away. It’s almost like he wants the Texans to fail at QB and they will. The only team with three worse QBs are the Browns who the Texans acquired Hoyer from. Let’s hope they clear out this coaching staff and front office before they waste Watt’s career just like Johnson, and then give him the boot. An easy schedule and defense keep the Texans in the playoff hunt for now.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a team making good moves and are on the rise. This will be a learning year for 2nd overall pick Marcus Mariota but this won’t be the Titans year to climb back into the division hunt. But in another year or two watch out.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Blake Bortles is a good young QB that played his guts out on a terrible team. The Jags have bolstered the offensive line with several key acquisitions. However the running back and receivers are still suspect and having all day to throw doesn’t help if you can’t get a receiver open or run the ball.

AFC North Preview/Predictions


The AFC North is one of the, if not the toughest division in the NFL. This very well could end up in a situation where the top three teams literally beat the hell out of each other and the playoff contenders go limping in for a first round loss. But then again nothing prepares you better for the playoffs than playing in a playoff atmosphere all season. The race will be close and someone deserving will probably get left out but it won’t be the Ravens as they have an edge over the rest of the division.

Win Loss Tie
Ravens 10 6 0
Bengals 9 7 0
Steelers 9 7 0
Browns 1 15 0

Colts Bringing Mathis Along Slowly


Indianapolis – Colts’ Head Coach Chuck Pagano says the franchise is in no hurry to push Robert Mathis back onto the field. The 34-year-old linebacker suffered an achilles tear while working out on his own during last year’s training camp while under suspension for the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Linebackers coach Jeff Fitzgerald expressed that they want Mathis at 100 percent and nothing less.

Mathis finished the 2013 season with 19 1/2 sacks and and Pagano thinks he is capable of duplicating that feat once healthy.

Bengals DE Down but not Out


Cincinnati – Bengals DE Michael Johnson had to be carted off the field during practice today with what appeared to be a knee injury. Tests were run on the spot and after practice Head Coach Marvin Lewis told reporters that Johnson “should be ok.” However more tests are expected to be run.

Johnson had a breakout season in 2012 lined up with Geno Atkin but since, the tandem can’t seem to stay on the field together and Johnson has only produced a total of 7.5 sacks in the 2013 and 2015 seasons combined.

Johnson, age 28,  just signed a four-year $20 million deal in March.